Episode #165, Chad Hanks Memorial Podcast!

Episode #165, Chad Hanks Memorial Podcast! We were joined by band mates past and present of American Head Charge. Vocalist Cameron Heacock, Guitarists Karma Cheema, Dave Rogers, Keyboardists Justin Fowler, Aaron Zilch. Many friends…Rachael Gran, Jordan Swanson, Frodo Caufield, Shayla (long time girlfriend of Bryan Otteson) David Rollingcloud, Dusty Elling of Strate Jak It. This was a crazy podcast…. I want to apologize for all the computer and audio troubles. Between losing our live feed off and on and microphone troubles. I would like to thank everyone for listening and taking part online, We heard many great memories about Chad, I hope you enjoy them as much as i did!

Music Files and tags were shuffled during this podcast. We also added to the playlist on the fly to keep the show rolling… Apologies!

Thank you for listening and your support, Greg “The Hexican” Chilton and Ritual Madness Podcast!