Episode #169, Auridius!

Episode #169, Auridius! I was told about this band by Ben Travis a mutual friend said “Have you ever heard of the band Auridius? You should check them out and have them on your podcast” So i contacted them….and here we are. These guys were awesome to get to know, Great story and great tunes…Enjoy!!

Music Played:

Texas In July- Illuminate
Auridius- Lies
Infamous Memories- Foodoo
Lamb Of God- Beating On Deaths Door
Monuments- I, The Creator
Auridius- Spirit
The Cranberries- Zombie
Kansas- Lightnings Hand
A Day To Remember- Have Faith In Me
Auridius- Restitution
Bury Tomorrow- Man On Fire
All That Remains- Criticism And Self Realization
Eluveitie- Inis Mona
Auridius- Unrest

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