Episode #170, Infamous Memories!

Episode #170, Infamous Memories! The whole band joined us for a podcast filled with booze,screaming goats,stories of naked Matt, wrestling and pure madness enjoy!!

Music Played:

Dead Horse Trauma- Left Unsaid
Infamous Memories- FooDoo
Surgical Meth Machine- I’m Sensitive
Slow Children- Lies
Grave Core- Die Pretty
Gorgatron- Thrasher Basher
Raven Black- 132
Infamous Memories- Falling Away
Blue Felix- Beating Heart
Trashlight Vision- Black Apples
Designing The Flaw- Columbian Necktie
Auridius- Lies
Lucid Flight- Insane
Nuisance- Resystem
Roads Of Glass- Overdose
Rooin- Wasted Us
Volcano Diving Inc- Volcano Diving
Infamous Memories- I AM

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